Package org.vizzini.ui

Provides basic user interface classes for the game framework.


Interface Summary
IJPopupMenuOwner Defines methods required by a JPopupMenu owner.
IOSXApp Defines methods required by Mac OS X apps, used by OSXAdapter.

Class Summary
AboutDialog Provides a dialog for displaying application information.
AbstractApp Provides a base class for applets and applications.
AbstractOptionPane Provides a generic option pane base class for creating platform sensitive dialogs.
ActionFactory Provides a factory for creating standardized Swing actions for menus and tool bars.
ActionManager Provides a factory for creating Swing actions and Swing button-type components.
ActionManager.CallbackAction Provides an action which looks up the method to call.
Alert Provides a utility class to show alert dialogs to the user.
ApplicationSupport Provides support for Swing applications.
ColorButton Provides a button which, when clicked, allows the user to select a color.
ColorCache Provides a cache for Color objects.
ColorChooser Provides a generic GUI component for selection of colors.
ColorConfigUtilities Provides convenience methods for processing configuration properties.
ColorPreferences Provides convenience methods for storage and retrieval of color preferences.
ColorUtilities Provides utility methods for dealing with Color objects.
DescribedTable Provides a sort table user interface which uses a TableDescriptor to provide the columns.
ExtensionFileFilter Provides a file filter for files.
FilteredTable Provides a table which allows filtering of the data.
FontPreferences Provides a convenience methods for storage and retrieval of font preferences.
FontUtilities Provides utility methods for dealing with Font objects.
GridLayout2 Provides a layout manager which extends GridLayout to allow the cells to be different sizes.
GUIConstants Provides some common GUI constants.
ItemAwareMenu Provides a menu which sets its visibility based on the menu items it contains.
MenuButton Provides a button which, when clicked, displays a popup menu.
OSXAdapter Provices an adapter for OS X applications.
PopupListener Provides a simple listener to activate popup menus.
RealizedThread Provides a thread that waits until a component is realized, then performs a specified action.
ResourceProvider Provides locale specific resources.
SortTable Provides a JTable which has a table sorter installed between it and it's table model.
SplashScreen Provides a splash screen.
StatusBar Provides a UI for a status message area.
StringConverter Provides conversions from String s to a given type, and from a given Object to a String.
SwingWorker This is the 3rd version of SwingWorker (also known as SwingWorker 3), an abstract class that you subclass to perform GUI-related work in a dedicated thread.
UpsideDownLabel Provides a label in which the text is upside down.
WheelColor Provides color wheel colors, grayscale colors, and utility methods.

Package org.vizzini.ui Description

Provides basic user interface classes for the game framework.

Figure 1. UI package Class Diagram

Figure 1 displays an overview of all classes in the ui package.


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