Provides search classes for the game framework.


Interface Summary
ISearch Defines methods required by search algorithms.
ITranspositionKeyCreator Defines methods required by a transposition table key creator.

Class Summary
AbstractSearch Provides base functionality for search algorithms.
AbstractTranspositionKeyCreator Provides base functionality for a transposition key creator.
AlphaBetaSearch Provides a negamax-based alpha-beta search algorithm.
DefaultTranspositionKeyCreator Provides a default transposition key creator.
GridBoardTranspositionKeyCreator Provides a transposition key creator for use with IGridBoard s.
NegamaxSearch Provides a negamax search algorithm.
SearchAgent Provides a computer agent which uses an AI search algorithm to determine the best action.
TranspositionEntry Provides an entry for a transposition table.

Package Description

Provides search classes for the game framework.

Figure 1. Search package Class Diagram

Figure 1 displays an overview of all classes in the search package.


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